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There are some pretty awesome sciency (and mathematic-y) Youtube channels out there. I’m a huge fan of Minute Physics, though which I also connected to VsaucePeriodic Chemistry, and Numberphile.

But it wasn’t until the science blog/channel round-up by Minute Physics that I discovered The Brain Scoop, a channel produced at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at The University of Montana.  It’s only been around for a month or so, but in that time, Emily has taken us on a tour of the museum (including the spirit collection), discussed an old black bear skull, and provided a great reading list about taxidermy and museums.

The highlight so far is the beginnings of the preparation of a wolf from start to finish.  So far, the wolf has been skinned, but we’re promised much more as they continue on with the dissection and preparation of the skeleton and skull.

I do a fair bit of work in museums, and taught mammalogy and ornithology labs where students made study skins (not of a wolf, but smaller mammals like voles, or squirrels), so I was particularly excited that The Brain Scoop was my first zoological Youtube channel discovery.

If you know of other zoological / ecological (/botanical?) Youtube channels, post them in the comments below.