Every day, dozens – dozens! – of misguided individuals perusing teh internetz use the Google to look up various things.  Sometimes these searches lead to The Lab and Field.  Often, these searches are questions (or sometimes statements).  So to assist my fellow wayward travellers of the information superhighway, Here are the answers to the questions you’ve asked:

limbo vs purgatory / purgatory vs limbo

See: pre-tenure vs postdoc / postdoc vs pre-tenure


collaboration workflow when you have endnote and others don’t

Ha! Or more seriously, have one person curate the ref list. It’s not as hard as it sounds.


work for free post doc purgatory

Well, if you’re working for free, I’d recommend moving on.  And yes, that would be purgatorial.


schuman tenured

Pretty sure she isn’t


what after postdoc

Anything you want. Academia isn’t the One True Way™. There are research jobs in industry, government, and NGOs. They may not be that abundant relative to the number of folks looking for work, but don’t limit yourself.


germany stork with a spear in its head

Technically, the spear was through its neck. If the spear was through its head, it would be hard to migrate to Germany.


communication in the scientific community 2000

I’d suggest Telnet, or CompuServe. Let me boot up Netscape Navigator…


how to find an nserc industrial r&d pdf

Make and use connections. Many faculty work with industry already, and can use those relationships to leverage the funds required from the industrial partner.


what are my chances of getting an nserc irdf

Pretty good if you can line up the industrial partner.


how to make sake in laboratory



what does 40 year old postdoc do

Probably something similar to a 30-year-old postdoc – write papers, and look for work.


do phds always have to do a postdoc?

No. We did a neat little presentation asking this very question!


how do i know where to start in my outline?

I’d recommend the beginning. Or an outline.


how to classify if research is laboratory or field

If you do your research in a laboratory, it’s probably laboratory research. Same for the field. But you can do both (or neither!).



You can’t beat those old-school gray metal & wooden stools, in my opinion.


http://www.lab field sex image



gay influence academia

We’re everywhere.


why does my google scholar profile not show in google searcg

Check ssearch spelling


i am a bird.i migrate from arctic to antarctic and back.i am

Deep, man.


With ht to Small Pond Science for the idea.

And note that this is a tongue-in-cheek take on some of the odd search terms that lead people here. The searches are completely anonymized, so I don’t know from whom/where/why the searches brought people here. But they did. And I enjoy a good chuckle.