Terry at Small Pond Science occasionally posts summaries of the bizarre/weird/repeated Google searches that bring people to his site.  I did the same last January, and thought it would be good to give an update.  So, dear reader, here are the answers to quantitatively frequently asked questions on The Lab and Field in the last half of 2014. Enjoy!


why am i here

Physically, or philosophically? Though I don’t think I should be the one having the “birds and the bees” chat with you (come to think of it, why do we tell teenagers about bee’s sex lives? They’re pretty bizarre and not at all like those of humans)


is my lab gay

If it has a fondness for Judy Garland, consistently dresses better than you, and is systematically oppressed, it just might be.
(oddly enough, this was two separate searches)


where arrows go during winter

are seasonal quivers a thing now?


can birds fly to the moon



nserc ecology and evolution funding bins

What? That’s outrageous. Unless you mean binoculars, in which case, I fully endorse it.


how to get nserc industrial scholarship

The biggest hurdle is identifying an industrial partner. If you can do that first, your chances will be significantly higher.


why does it matter what journal you publish in

Yes. Whether that’s right is an argument for another day, though.


most photography is mediocre

Preach, sister.


oed sex

Whoa there – what kind of site do you think this is?


(i) are the phylogenetic trees generated from the haemoglobin alpha subunit identical to that generated from the haemoglobin beta subunit?

That looks suspiciously like an assignment question from an undergraduate class.  To aid future students, the answer is: Yes, but one must account for delta mutations along the beta subunit and concatenate likelihood estimates from Bayesian analysis using the Thoreau method in order to do so.  You’re welcome.


how do i know if i’ll get nserc

They’ll send you a letter.  If it’s for a PGS/CGS or PDF, expect the letter in late March, usually.


great auk behaviour skills

Great auks are generally well behaved, especially these days, as they are all stuffed and in museums.  Occasionally they get rowdy and need a time-out in the cabinet, though.


gentleman vs animals sex

The general mechanics are the same, but one usually has a top hat and monocle.


being gay in the academics

Most people are gay all over, not just in the academics, but coming out is a gradual process. There are a few of us out here, and you can check out LGBT STEM or get in touch.


www sexy sat xxx codore , com

what is that I don’t even


labrador duck not extinct



odds on winning a banting fellowship

Not great. There are only about 80 a year, and are incredibly competitive.  In 2012, I ranked 145/180.


appearance of paper

Around the 2nd century BCE


hipsters can’t science

I’m sure they can, we just have never heard of them.


radio show debate, with hypothisis on the table and vote at the end

Check out the Munk Debates on CBC Radio 1’s Ideas.


why are all academics gay

Not all academics are gay. In fact, some of my best friends in academia are, shockingly, straight.


does nserc cgs-m funding go to student or professor?

Student. This is your salary, and is administered by your school of grad studies (or similar).


june is my birthday month and i’m happy with that

Fantastic. Not that you can change it …


i am a bird.i migrate from arctic to antarctic and back

The Lab and Field: breaking down class barriers in science communication!



Uhhh? I know it’s a hot topic, but I mean honestly, how did three people find my site from searching ebola?