Like just about every other scientist out there, I have far more data than I can write up into wonderful shiny papers.  Meg Duffy and drugmonkey have a nice series of posts on this, and I thought I’d add another perspective.  I work with a conservation NGO, so my “work” work really has an applied direction, and I’m tasked with specific projects (though with some latitude to develop my own research questions).  On the whole, I like it, but there are some key differences to working in a university environment.  One of the biggest is that I don’t have any students (unless I co-supervise with someone).  Again, not a bad thing, just different.  But whereas a prof could turn some of these unfinished projects into grad projects, or hand it off to a postdoc, I don’t have that luxury.

Earlier today, I took to Twitter in an attempt to resuscitate on of my languishing projects:

So in an attempt to get some of these projects to see the light of day, here is a list of in-progress-but-stalled projects (and a more permanent page that will be kept updated here).  Depending on the project, the amount of work needed could be a little, or a lot.  Some need more analysis, and others more writing.  None of them have any money attached (at least right now – if there’s a pressing case, we can discuss something).  So if any of these tickle your fancy, drop me a line with some background (nothing fancy, but I’m looking for folks who can get the work done, or faculty with students in need of term-long projects that can become papers).

This page will be updated from time to time as projects progress (or languish).

Body size variation and subspecies validity in puffins

  • Data: an exhaustive summary of (I’m almost certain) every published measurement of Atlantic puffins, and their eggs.
  • Looking for: someone with experience analyzing geographic patterns of body size, and using morphometrics to look at subspecies designations
  • Progress: all the data are collected. No analysis or writing.
  • You can provide: analysis, writing
  • I can provide: writing, editing

Subspecies validity in Whiskered Auklets

  • Data: measurements of adult birds across their breeding range in Alaska & Russia
  • Looking for: someone with experience analyzing geographic patterns of body size, and using morphometrics to look at subspecies designations
  • Progress: most data collected; some additional museum specimens could be useful to fill some gaps.
  • You can provide: analysis, writing
  • I can provide writing, editing

Miscellaneous data

I also have bits and pieces of data (mostly breeding biology-type data like measurements, but also stable isotopes) for a variety of seabirds from:

  • New Brunswick (Arctic Tern, Atlantic Puffin, Common Eider, Common Murre, Common Tern, Leach’s Storm-petrel, Razorbill)
  • Alaska (Least Auklet, Crested Auklet)
  • Newfoundland (Atlantic Puffin, Black-legged Kittiwake, Herring Gull, Leach’s Storm-petrel)

If something tickles your fancy, drop me a line.