The latest in a light-hearted look at the search terms folks use to find The Lab and Field.


kroodsma (2000, auk 117:1081–1083)

Probably one of the most under-appreciated papers. You should really read it.


gay canadian scientists



how to make an academic website

Somewhat inexplicably (at least to me), this is by far my most popular post. Ever. By a long shot. I wonder if I should update it. Thoughts?


migration of bird moon

The bird moon is non-migratory (and lacks coconuts)


advantages of academic citation

Jobs, money, power, influence YMMV.


non scientific endeavour

Theatre! Vacuuming! Delivering parcels!


why didn’t i get nserc funding

Sorry to hear. Probably because, though I’m sure it was excellent, your application didn’t make the cut. But you’re not alone.


http://www.sexy satxxx.com



why do we need to have seminar?

Because it’s good for you. Seriously though, it’s great to hear about other research, and broaden your horizons. If your seminar series sucks (and most of them do), make it better.


when do early view articles show up in google scholar

Give them a few days. You can also add them manually to your profile!


how many applicants per job for postdoctoral position

Depends how widely it’s advertised, among other things. You never get the jobs you don’t apply for.


best site for academics

I like islands, or failing that, aboard a ship. But then again, I’m not an academic.


what if birds didnt migrate

Who would carry coconuts from Mercia?


environment canada post doc

Run! Actually, it was beneficial to see the inner workings. Unmuzzled Science has a post about what it’s like as a postdoc in the Government of Canada.


“hipsters” “github”

Are those meant to be sarcastic of euphemistic?


labrador duck not extinct

Yes. It is. Boo.


if you came to our library..

I’d likely check out a book, or other library material.


http://www.peopple sex vs animal.com

Well that escalated quickly. This one is a puzzler.


communication is one of the most

And sometimes one of the least.