The latest in a light-hearted look at the search terms folks use to find The Lab and Field.


how much one make in giving a seminar in a university

Typically nothing.


pnas, predator publisher

While you may not like them, there not considered predatory sensu stricto.


as told by alex bond

Yes, it is.


i have nserc visiting fellowship but no supervisor

Well, you’ve been approved on the list. A government scientist needs to step up to the plate and look for a postdoc. Though the status of the program is a bit ambiguous.


how to seminar

Cookies. Coffee/tea. Speaker. Engaging. Listen. Think. Question. Beers.


journal “beware !! running more not as bad”.pdf

Never heard of them. Might send my next article though.


hipster font philosphical lines

Can you tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica?


saskatchewan flat land

All of it.


why librians gets always hurted?

Bad grammar and spelling?


journal paper on fixing of laboratory tiles

“Temporal lag between maintenance requests and renovation: effects of bulky lab equipment and overworked facilities management staff”. Forthcoming.


why academic library saves as a learning laboratory discussed

Sounds like an assignment question. How about: “Academic libraries saves as a learning laboratory because knowledge is found everywhere, even in books. And if anyone knows books, it’s librarians. They’re awesome.” You’re welcome.


data management in the ward

Keep those colours outta my Excel spreadsheets. Those need intensive care.


the reasons behind labrador dick’s extinction



tell me something about field work job

It’s fun.


how do publishers profit with open access

I’m not involved in any journal finances, but usually they’re subsidized by some external funding (e.g., from a large society), or they work on economies of (massive) scale.


lab captions

“Figure 1: door to the lab”

“Figure 2: lab coffee machine and tea station”

“Figure 3: why scientists should not consume food in the lab”

“Figure 3b: or beverages”


the name field bird found in african

the question order word in awkwardness


every summer breeding brazil

Hey, what you do on your own time is your own business.


swallow the birds



do i need a phd to become a ecologist