The latest summary of amusing search terms (and some often facetious answers) that brought people to The Lab and Field in 2017. Find previous iterations here.


Who are scientists

We all are!


how do people learn about migratory birds

Blog posts, ornithology classes, naturalist societies, spear-throwing competitions…


data error in published paper

*clutches pearls* SURELY NOT!. Eh, it happens. Most of the time it’s not intentional.


easy scientific names for lab

Repetition is nice. Puffinus puffinus, Gorilla gorilla, Crex crex. You get the idea.


how to host any sceince confrence

ANY science conference? I’d suggest a TARDIS as the venue given the difficulty in estimating attendance.


charles morton swallows moon

… Is then hospitalized when moon appears in his orbit.


people who study birds are called

Indeed they are. Frequently, too.


institutional homophobia in academia

Heck yes (and outside academia, too). Sometimes not intentional, or even malicious, but always eternal. I think about/experience this at least once a week, and it’s tiring.



This search term is exceptionally broad, and yet it brought you here. The chances of disappointment might be high.


when seminar gets suck

Make it not suck. Some tips.


published paper no affiliations

I don’t actually know of an ecology/conservation paper without an affiliation. Do you? Put it in the comments!


always have a plan b dave. always have a plan b

And watch out for Winnebago!