My goal is to read 230 scientific papers, or their equivalents (book chapters, manuscript reviews, etc) in 2017. This corresponds to one for every working day. See my rationale here.

#230papers Summary for 2017 (updated: 24 January 2017)

Monthly tallies

January: 11


Mildly chronological list of papers

  1. Dilley, B. J., S. Schoombie, J. Schoombie, and P. G. Ryan. 2016. ‘Scalping’ of albatross fledglings by introduced mice spreads rapidly at Marion Island. Antarctic Science 28:73-80.
  2. Review for Ecosphere
  3. Cuthbert, R. J., R. M. Wanless, A. Angel, M.-H. Burle, G. M. Hilton, H. Louw, P. Visser, J. W. Wilson, and P. G. Ryan. 2016. Drivers of predatory behavior and extreme size in house mice Mus musculus on Gough Island. Journal of Mammalogy 97:533-544.
  4. Carlos, C.J., J.-F. Voisin, H. van Grouw, and I.B. Moreno. A neotype designation for the Ascension Frigatebird Fregata aquila (Aves: Fregatidae). Zoolgia (Curitiba) 33: e20160111
  5. Confidential pre-print of a book chapter
  6. Bourne, W. R. P., and A. C. F. David. 1981. Nineteenth century bird records from Tristan da Cunha. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 101:247-256.
  7. Beintema, A. J. 1972. The history of the Island Hen (Gallinula nesiotis), the extinct flightless gallinule of Tristan da Cunha. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 92:106-113.
  8. Earle, A. 1832. A narrative of a nine months’ residence in New Zealand in 1827; together with a journal of residence in Tristan d’Acunha, an island situated between South America and the Cape of Good Hope. Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman, London.
  9. Layard, E. L. 1868. The South African Museum. South African Magazine 2:702-704.
  10. Layard, E. L. 1869. The South African Museum. South African Magazine 3:467-468.
  11. Dupetit Thours, A. 1811. Melanges de Botaniques et des Voyages: 5—Description de
    l’ile de Tristan d’Acugna, et Esquisse de sa Flore. Paris, Arthus Bertrand