Welcome to The Lab and Field!  I hope this place will be a simple way for me to have some fun writing about topics that interest me in academia, research, ecology, and conservation (with a little humour and sarcastic wit thrown in to boot).  As an introduction, you can head over to the About page to find out, well, about the blog and about me.

Why write a blog?  For the last number of months, I’ve been following Jeremy Fox at Dynamic Ecology, and I really enjoy what he’s put together.  Not that I can compare myself to him, but I like the model of making topics in science, academia, research, and conservation accessible.  And who knows – people might actually want to read what I write!

I aim to post weekly, and will try to keep up with that schedule until I leave for the field (when this blog will take a hiatus).  You can also follow me on Twitter (@thelabandfield).

And the title?  Well, I started as a field biologist, and rapidly came to use lab methods to answer ecological questions.  I came to find others that mixed both intense field and intricate lab work, and found that we were a neat bunch, discussing everything from ship logistics and bird banding to PCR and mass spectrometry.  So rather than think of field and lab as opposite sides of the same coin, I found that many skills overlap the two (and so do my interests).

So here’s to fair winds and following seas.