I’ve written before about the massive gender imbalance in NSERC’s “Big Prizes”.  Well, the 2014 awardees have been announced, so let’s see how things look:

  • Hamer Prize: 0/1 recipients women
  • Brockhouse Prize: 1/6 recipients women
  • Steacie Fellowship: 1/6 recipients women
  • Polyani Award: 0/1 recipients women
  • Synergy Award: 2/16 recipients women
  • Herzberg Medal (“Canada’s Top Scientist”): 0/1 recipients women


So that’s 4/31 women recipients in 2014, or 13% (which, believe it or not, is below the long-term average of 17%).  And yet again, we see that a woman has NEVER been named Canada’s top scientist (0/24 since 1991).

NSERC was great at responding to my last post, and highlighted the work they do for women in science and engineering.  But do we have to wait 10, 15, 20, 30 years for that to be reflected in the top tier of science?

We also don’t know anything about who was nominated, the gender balance of the review committees, or whether women nominees were specifically solicited.

We still have work to do …